Tuesday, September 1, 2015

4x4x4 3D LED Cube using AVR ATmega16 Microcontroller

4x4x4 3D LED Cube using Atmega16

LED Cube is currently very populer circuit in DIY world this 3D LED cube is made up of 64 LED’s using Atmega16 microcontroller with basic programming skills.

Make your own 4x4x4 LED cube for making thousands of graphics ans patterns using your basic programming skills.

Click here to Check Out LED POV Display

Watch Video :

What you need:
  • Atmel AVR Atmega16 microcontroller
  • 64 LED’s
  • 16x 220 Ohm resistors for LED’s.
  • 1x resistor 10k
  • 4x resistor 2.2k
  • 4x NPN transistor BC338
  • 1x 10uF capacitor
  • 1x 1000uF capacitor
  • 1x 7805 Voltage regulator
  • 6x 0.1uF ceramic capacitor
  • 2x 22pF ceramic capacitor
  • 1x crystal 14.7456 MHz.

My Prototype :

Circuit Diagram :



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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

POV (Persistance Of Vision) using ATtiny2313

POV (Persistance Of Vision) using ATtiny2313

A simple POV using ATtiny2313 without any hall effect sensor, Simple Circuit and simple programing logic.

Circuit Diagram :

Circuit does not consist of any programing pin out, take ISP pins out and use USB AVR programmer
 for programming .hex file in your ATtiny2313. Power input must be regulated 5V

Source Code: (hex, .c , makefile, picture converter)

POV ATtiny2313 

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

How to Make a AVR Microcontroller Programmer

How to Make AVR Microcontroller Programmer

This is simple microcontroller programmer works with various microcontrollers. This programmer enable to program 89S series, AT89XX, AT90XXXX , 8031 family, 8051 and other AVR microcontrollers. For other AVR microcontroller make 20, 28, 40 pin adepter.

Component List :

2) BC557
3) 10nF – 3
4) 680Ω - 2
5) 4.0MHz Cristal
6) 100nF
7) 1K
8) 100Ω - 4
9) 4k7 – 4
10) LED – 2
11) DB25 connector

Circuit Diagram: 

ATmega8535 Programming And Interfacing

ATmega8535 Programming And Interfacing:

ATmega 8535 is basically from atmel's microcontroller family with 8kb flash memory. This microcontroller works at 16MIPS. Easy to configure as well as program. Advantages of this microcontroller are there are so many applications of this microcontroller in practical work. You can program this microcontroller with AVR programmable board. You can also buy the readymade programming board or learning kit on internet or at your end. It is easily available on internet because this microcontroller is very popular in market for projects and other applications.

Programming Examples:

LCD Programming:

int main(void)
int i;

Running LED Program:

int main(void)
unsigned char x;

Interfacing ATmega8535:

Interfacing LCD and key board with ATmega8535 microcontroller is as shown in figure bellow.

3)ATmega8535 microcontroller
4) 10K resistor (4)
5)2.2K, 4.7K resistor
6)30pf capacitor (2)
7) 8MHz Crystal Oscillator
8) BC547 Transistor